The JetBeats are a vintage Rock & Roll combo from Grand Rapids. The members were brought together over a common obsession with the savage early 60’s Rock&Roll sound, incubated in the British beat sound of the early 60’s and into the British Invasion. The group features Guitarist/Vocalist Morgan May Moallemian (The Deans), Bassist/Vocalist Ben Erhart (The Official Theives, Glen Danles), Guitarist/Vocalist AJ Dunning (The Verve Pipe, The Cones), and Drummer DJ McCoy (Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys). The group's mission is to reintroduce the world to the raw excitement of early 60’s style.

The JetBeats also perform original compositions in the period style. The JetBeats sound utilizes driving guitars, a solid backbeat, thumping bass and vocal harmonies that harken to a bygone era, but with a fresh approach. The group also handles a variety of cover material spanning a period from roughly 1957 to 1965. Primordial Rock&Roll, played with precision and high energy. 

The JetBeats sound is captured in all it’s analog, tube-saturated glory on The JetBeats debut record, Sonic boom Boom and the 2016 follow up, Mach’64. Experience the head-shaking vibe. Feel THE BEAT!